Innovative, highly effective singing technique
combined with deep transformational work.

Singing can be a deeply vulnerable and sometimes terrifying experience!
Yet we are often strongly drawn to sing!


evolvesing bridges the gap between deep inner obstacles and full freedom of expression... By undergoing meaningful personal evolution along with building solid technical singing skills... In an environment infused with safety, support, patience and loving kindness.


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We often take up a project or a hobby or something-we've-always-wanted-to-do, while having great doubts about our abilities and our chance of success... Comparing ourselves to others... Wondering if it's too late to try... And lamenting that we weren't "born with it." Simultaneously, we think our endeavor is something straightforward. "I want to learn how to sing. So if I find a teacher, and I practice, then I'll acquire a skill: The ability to sing!"

Though it's true, we can learn how to sing, but... Diving deeply into just about anything will reveal the whole of who we are: Our biases, the places we get in our own way, our strengths, the stuff we avoid addressing, our vulnerability, our beauty... We think singing is just about singing. But it also mirrors us. And we can use singing as a vehicle for deeper transformation. In fact, one can't happen without the other:

If you really want to sing with the fullness of you, you'll need to address the whole you. And you'll struggle to address the whole you without putting yourself into real life situations that challenge you to evolve. In this case... Singing!

Aimee G. - Nutritionist: "John has been awesome! He is incredibly gifted as a teacher and coach and working with him has made me realize potential within myself I did not think my voice was capable of. He's very patient, very encouraging, and has given me so much confidence. He has helped me discover and believe that I can actually sing! And not just sing, but sing WELL. I just have to get out of my own way and let my voice open up. There've been times when I have been so impressed with myself that ... well, I think I'm still a little shocked by it."

Chris M. - Flight Instructor: "Learning to sing is really hard! I have wanted to do it for many years. After a life threatening health situation, I decided there was no more time to waste. I sought out John's instruction. And I am amazed at the difference, both technical and personally, with my ability to sing. It's like night and day!"



Every path through the evolvesing process is different and is customized to your particular situation and desires. We work on real, effective singing skills coupled with real, effective evoluationary work. The transformational aspect comes largely through the practice of singing, while I utilize various coaching methods and mindfulness and somatic awareness practice infused with Hakomi and MatrixWorks principles.

I am not a therapist, and evolvesing is not therapy... But rather, I'm your wholistic guide to your evolutionary singing process... Encouraging you to address various aspects of your body, mind and spirit.

We co-create an environment that feels deeply safe, supportive and healthily challenging. And I offer my skills as a "master music teacher", my training as a coach and facilitator, and my deep patience and loving kindness for your process.

By undergoing deep personal evolution and building solid technical singing skills, evolvesing bridges the gap between deep inner obstacles and full freedom of expression... All in an environment infused with safety, support, patience and loving kindness.



I grew up in a difficult, neglectful, addiction-riddled situation. I had no innate ability to sing, and I began to teach myself music in high school: singing, playing, writing and recording. Little did I know, that creative and emotional expression allowed me to process some of the pain I was experiencing. For the love of it, and with no practical plan for the future, I decided to go to college for music. But using the un-wholistic guidance of our culture, I decided to attend the "best" music school. At Berklee College of Music, I felt my vitality for music being sucked away, which combined with other big life challenges to form a storm that was the darkest time of my life. But I am deeply grateful, as that storm cracked me open and made me receptive to real spiritual and personal development and healing. It set my life on a totally different trajectory: I began practicing mindfulness meditation, doing deep personal and psychological work and switched to Naropa University: a mindfulness-based, wholisticly-focused college in Boulder. When I turned thirty, after another difficult life period, and after was laid off from my software engineer job, I began teaching music. And again, music provided me with direct and indirect evolutionary experiences: I felt supported by my low-stress, high-benefit-to-others music teaching business. It allowed me to take huge steps in my own healing, while helping others in various ways. As my teaching progressed, I began to teach more and more wholistically to those who wanted that experience. While I also still teach music in a more traditional way via my business: Make Great Music , evolvesing is the overt merging of transformational work with innovative singing technique.


I'm a "master" music teacher with over 14,000 hours teaching private lessons via my teaching business: Make Great Music . I teach an innovative, effective, practical, wholistic and fun method that I developed. I teach lessons in: singing~voice~vocal , acoustic & electric guitar , piano & keyboard , bass guitar and ukulele , as well as classes and workshops in: Mindful Music , home studio recording , kids rock band , songwriting and performance . I've been playing, studying, recording, writing and performing music for over 32 years and teaching full-time for 14 years. I have a BA in Music from Naropa University and also studied at Berklee College of Music and CU-Boulder. I teach out of my Professional Studio & Music School in the West Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.


I'm a long term Vipassana meditator having spent nearly a year total in silent meditation retreat. I'm a trained facilitator of MatrixWorks: Groups as Living Systems, Right Use of Power, and Family Constellations, and I'm a certified mediator. I also work as a transition, leadership and conflict coach, a mediator, and I teach transformational workshops on a variety of topics via one of my other businesses: Evolving Alternatives: Coaching, mediation, consulting & transformational workshops. . I've had extensive training in Authentic Leadership, political leadership, Playback theater, power & privilege, and various forms of coaching. And I draw heavily from Hakomi principles. I'm deeply committed to my own personal evolution through a variety of methods, while mindfulness remains my central practice.

John Shapiro: teacher, coach & owner of evolvesing. Additionly, I teach music in a more traditional way via: Make Great Music . I am a coach, mediator and educator: Evolving Alternatives: Coaching, mediation, consulting & transformational workshops. . And I co-teach a kids summer camp: Camp CHAOSity: A week long improv summer camp for kids

The studio. See location below.


FREE INTRO SESSION: I offer a free intro session, where we get to know each other, I learn about your background and goals, we do a little bit of basic singing exercise (and any other singing you'd like) and we decide if this is a good fit for us. The free intro session usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

INVESTMENT: My desire is for you to have a full process and to really make some progress, and for me to guide you in something that feels beneficial with you and comes to a natural completion. I have found in my 14 years teaching, a minimum amount of lessons is necessary for deeper work to occur. So I ask you to commit to (10) 45 minutes sessions. The cost is $600, and this may be split into two payments if needed to accommodate your financial situation. Additional lessons beyond the (10) and payment plans are negotiated based on your needs. I accept check or cash. Or I can arrange for online payment via fee-free forms of electronic payment: Square Cash, Venmo, Paypal Friends & Family or Dwolla.

SCHEDULING: I schedule sessions Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays in the days and evenings. Generally, we make a regular, recurring day and time, once a week or once every other week, that suits your needs. We can also make other scheduling arrangements as needed.

LOCATION: See location below.

TERMS: Sessions are paid in advance and are non-refundable. Unused sessions expire after six months from purchase. If you give less than one week's notice, you can cancel and reschedule up to (2) sessions out of the (10). If you give more than one week's notice, we can adjust your schedule as much as needed.


If you would like to schedule a free intro lesson, I need a little info: Please email me the week you would like to schedule your lesson (i.e. this week, next week or...) and your availability for your lesson: The earliest time you can arrive and latest time you can leave for each day: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I teach on these days from late morning until 10pm. Since I usually have around 35 students on my schedule, I have found that the best way to schedule your lesson is for you to let me know your availability. Once I have that info, I will get back to you with the day and time of your session and the rest of the info you need.


PLEASE NOTE: My studio is located in my private home and is open by appointment only.



I reply to all inquiries in 24 hours or less... Usually the same day. But... If you don't hear back from me, somehow your message didn't get through to me. It might have been marked as spam, lost in the interwebs or otherwise. So please try to send it again! Or just call! Thanks!

John Shapiro ~ Teacher & Owner

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evolvesing: transformational singing lessons

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